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Locating The Stop Tap

The diagram below shows the position of our pipes and those for which you are normally responsible. The stopcock usually marks the boundary between our pipes and yours. If you are in doubt about responsibility, please contact us for advice.

In most cases Dee Valley Water plc only owns that part of the water pipe between our main and your boundary stop tap. The length of private pipe between your boundary up to the internal stopcock is your responsibility to maintain and repair. The Company does, however, offer a free first repair service for domestic household customers, click here for more information.

The meter and meter chamber are the property and responsibility of the Company.

In some circumstances you may be responsible for a supply pipe beyond your boundary to the point that it connects to the Company's stop tap. This means that if there is a leak on your pipework it is your responsibility to repair it.

If we discover that your supply pipe is leaking we will ask you to repair it. If you fail to do so, we may carry out the repair and charge you for the cost. If, in extreme cases, the leak endangers people, property or supply to other customers we may cut off the supply until the leak is repaired.

If you have a meter you will, of course, be paying for the wasted water caused by leaks in your pipework. We have a Code of Practice on Leakage which provides some safeguards for you and a copy of this Code is available on request..

If you have been advised by the Office of Environmental Health to remove all lead pipework and fittings from your premises as a result of a lead problem being identified, then we will replace any lead pipework supplying those premises for which we are responsible, at our expense. Local
authority grants may be available to help cover the cost of replacing the pipes which are your responsibility.

In certain properties problems may arise where customers have shared responsibility for maintenance and repair. There may be problems too with multiple demand resulting in occasional low pressure and flow. For these reasons the Company has a policy of new supplies
all being separate. Where the above problems exist any shared supplies may need to be separated in order to solve supply problems.

If the pipe is in a poor condition, we will normally require all customers sharing the supply to share the cost of replacing it with separate pipes; but this will improve both the flow and the quality of water at your tap.

We will also normally require separate service pipes instead of a shared pipe:

  • if one of the households on the shared pipe falls into payment arrears;
  • if the houses are converted into a larger number of flats or homes;
  • if the shared pipe has been interfered with or supply is restricted to other users

Any disputes about requirements for separate supply can be referred to the Director General of OFWAT.

The Company has a right to lay and maintain water pipes in private land. We operate a Code of Practice for Pipelaying on Private Land which is available on request, or is automatically distributed to affected properties when a new main is being designed.