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Notice a leak

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Bogus Callers


All Company representatives carry identification cards with them and expect you to check their identity before you allow them into your home. You should never allow anyone into your home without checking his or her identification card first. If you have any doubts please contact our Control Room on 01978 846946.

Password Scheme

We know that there are some people who say they work for us purely to try and gain access into your home. This is why, in addition to carrying identification cards, we can arrange for our staff to use a password when they visit you. To register please contact our Customer Service Team on 01978 833200 giving details of your chosen password. We will keep details of it on our system and our staff will quote your password when they call at your home.


6 Key points to staying safe.

  • Look through the window or spy hole to identify the caller before opening the door.
  • Don't open the door without putting the chain on first. It is also worth checking that the rear of the property is secure as bogus callers often work in pairs.
  • Look out for a company uniform and a vehicle with company livery, which should be parked nearby.
  • Always check identification cards thoroughly. Ensure that the card carries a photograph and a company telephone number.
  • If in doubt, call the company number or alternatively, have the phone numbers available for Water, Gas and Electricity
  • If you have any doubts or are suspicious, call the Police immediately on 999