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Price limits

The price limits set by OFWAT in 2009 mean that our charges will change as below, year on year, before inflation is added:

Price Limits

These are the average changes in prices effective on 1 April in each year and will affect tariffs and customer groups by different amounts over each period.

The prices are based on a comprehensive five-yearly strategic Business Plan prepared by Dee Valley Water as part of the periodic review process. This Executive Summary brief summarises the full business plan. It describes how the strategy for 2010-15 has evolved, what work will be carried out and what it will mean to customers in terms of services.

In its area of supply, Dee Valley Water only sets prices for water; different price limits are set for sewerage services provided by Dŵr Cymru (Welsh Water), United Utilities or Severn Trent Water.

Your attention is drawn to a change in legislation affecting Dee Valley Water. In July 1999 the Government devolved powers to set regulations covering the activities of Dee Valley Water to the National Assembly for Wales. Included in these regulations is a Water Sure tariff for customers taking a measured supply. The new regulations mean that OFWAT has to take account of any legislation passed by the National Assembly for Wales in addition to any legislation passed in Parliament.

The National Assembly for Wales has not passed any regulations which affect our Scheme of Charges.