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Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2013

The Water Resources Management Plan Directive 2012 was issued by Welsh Ministers to Dee Valley Water on 20 June 2012. The Directive sets out the main points to be considered when preparing the Water Resource Management Plan.

In response to this Direction, we are now working to prepare a draft Water Resources Management Plan (dWRMP), for a period of 25 years commencing on 1 April 2015, for submission to Welsh Government before 31st March 2013. Public consultation on the draft Plan will take place in late spring 2013.

Pre-consultation on the draft Water Resources Management Plan

We commenced our pre-consultation process with our statutory consultees in June 2012. We have also consulted with our neighbouring water companies, and other companies and organisations that may have an interest in Dee Valley Waters water resource planning. This pre-consultation is ongoing, and we continue to maintain discussions about our planning process and the methodologies used with our regulators, Environment Agency Wales and Ofwat, as well as other stakeholders as appropriate.

Water Resource Sharing

As part of the water resources planning process, water companies are required to consider all options to share resources with other water companies and/or non-water company providers or users of water.

The Welsh Government expects Dee Valley Water to only agree to sharing resources and water trading where it would not be detrimental to DVWs current operations and customers.

As part of the pre-consultation phase, DVW is required to publish a view of need and availability of water resources across DVWs supply area by the end of October 2012. We have based the need and availability for water on the previous Water Resources Management Plan that we published in August 2012. That Plan forecast small surpluses at the planning horizon of 2034/35 in both the Chester and Wrexham Water Resource Zones of 0.54 Ml/d and 0.78 Ml/d respectively. We will update these figures as we develop the dWRMP and publish them here.