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Summary of Ofwats Final Determination

Price review - 26 November 2009

Ofwat published its final determination of price limits, for the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2015, on 26 November 2009, which for DVW included:

  • a 34.2m capital investment programme (2007/08 prices);
  • a total return on equity of 7.1%;
  • real growth of 5.8% in the regulatory capital value over the five year period;
  • an average annual underlying operating efficiency catch-up target of 0.917%;
  • a return on capital of 4.9% (post-tax, real).

Under condition B of our licence, the prices which we may charge for water services are limited by a formula which restricts the weighted average increase in charges in any charging year to RPI plus an adjustment factor (K) designed to take account of our individual circumstances (the RPI+K formula).

The adjustment factors that Ofwat determined for Dee Valley Water Plc for the five years starting on 1 April 2010 are set out below: