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New or Replacement Water Connections

We aim to provide a quotation for site connections within 10 working days and off-site connections within 20 working days following a non-refundable application payment and a completed new or replacement connections application form.

These guidance notes are provided to assist you with your application as quickly and accurately as possible.

Please provide as much information as possible regarding your requirements to enable us to process your application as quickly and accurately as possible.

This form is to be used when a developer is aware that a property has been occupied and the developer is no longer the bill payer.

It is Dee Valley Water’s policy to have separate individual meters for all new dwellings.

Our preferred option is to have meters fitted externally to buildings; however, this may not always be achievable.

This policy provides guidance where meters cannot be fitted externally.

The applicant is the owner, occupier or other authorised party requesting a connection to our water mains, please read these prior to making an application.