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Self Laying Organisation Water Mains (SLO)

Dee Valley water allows Self Lay Organisations (SLO) to carry out the installation of water mains and service pipes.

The Company that is carrying out the work must be accredited by the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS).

It is important that the developer or SLO submits the necessary application forms for all self lay applications.

The policy describes the processes and procedures that need to be followed and sets out the terms on which Dee Valley Water will enter into an agreement with a developer for the self laying of mains and services pipes.

The self lay agreement is currently under review; however, it will be based on the National Model Self Lay agreement June 2009

If the SLO is carrying out the design for the water scheme, please complete this application form.

Information should be submitted to us in accordance with Table 4 of the Code of Practice.

This form is to be used when applying for self lay water mains and services. Please complete all sections and provide the information requested so that your application can be processed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Insufficient information may result in delays to the provisions of supplies.

Please provide as much notice as possible when advising of mains laying, this form can be e-mailed directly or faxed.

This form is to be used to notify us to sample the water mains that have been swabbed and disinfected.

The completed form can be faxed or e-mailed to us, together with pressure testing results within 2 days of the required sample.

Please complete this form if you require us or the SLO to carry out water connections. This form must be faxed or e-mailed to us, allowing 10 days if we are to install the connection or 5 days for an SLO.

Infrastructure charges apply, for further information please refer to our charges scheme.

This form is to be used when connections have been carried out by the SLO.

Information must be supplied to us within 5 working days from the date of connection.

Please complete this application when a SLO requires making a connection to live water mains.

This work can be carried out where isolation of the existing mains does not affect the water supplies to our customers.