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New Water Mains

A new water main may be required to extend our existing mains network to a new development where currently services are unavailable.

The definition of a main is any pipe to be used by the water undertaker for the purpose of making a general supply of water available to customers or potential customers as distinct from the purpose of providing a supply to a particular customer.

If you have not completed a pre development enquiry application, please ensure you do so before submitting this application.

This will ensure that any necessary network modelling will be carried out on the proposed development.

These guidance notes are provided to assist you with your application as quickly and accurately as possible.

This form can be used to apply for a new water main, if the proposed supply is for domestic use you can qualify for a discount (relevant deficit) based on the proposed revenue that we may receive from water rates in the future.

Insufficient information may result in delays to the provision of supplies.

The applicant is the owner, occupier or other authorised party requesting the installation or connection of the water mains.

Where the applicant employs another company to carry out the site works on its behalf, the applicant shall be held responsible for all obligations set out in these conditions.