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Waterwise Education Programmes

Dee Valley Water partners Core Children’s Services to run the Waterwise Education Programme.

This provides schools with the opportunity to run creative education programmes informing pupils about safe and responsible use of water.

Benefits of the course include:

1. Links to curriculum including sustainability
2. Supports Green/Eco School programmes
3. Provides links to broader Every Child Matters agenda
4. Signposts to free resource
5. Save schools water and money
6. FREE to schools

About Core Children’s Services

Core Children’s Services is an independent provider of locally-based social care and educational support services for children, young people and families across the UK. The organisationprovides high quality early interventions, rapid response, family contact, education solutions and disability support services aimed at making families safer and stronger.

Core Children’s Services works in partnership with organisations to help teach a new generation better practices for the future.

Trained professionals provide creative education programmes for schools across the UK. Through these interactive sessions, Core Children’s Services encourages children to be safer and more responsible with utility services.

Sessions are fun and engaging and include resource packs, visual aids and props to engage children and young people of various age groups.

Through working with tomorrow’s consumers, creative education programmes offer the chance to promote brand awareness with existing and future demographics while contributing to the safety and welfare of local communities.

Places for the Waterwise Education Programme can be booked online via the Core Children’s Services website: