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Tŷ Mawr

Tŷ Mawr Reservoir - Open the floodgates..... 1903 vintage.

The history of Tŷ Mawr reservoir dates back over 100 years.Work on the Reservoir started in 1904 and was completed 4 years later at a cost of 173,617. Building the same facility today would cost in excess of 8million.

Its development was an important development for the company, increasing potential water storage from 40 million gallons to 175,000 million gallons. As demand for water grew throughout the late 1800s and early 1900sthe building of Tŷ Mawr was vital.

Penycae upper reservoir had been built 3 years prior to Tŷ Mawr reservoir, but its 11 million gallon capacity was a fraction of that of Ty Mawr.

Tŷ Mawr reservoir was formed partly by excavation and partly by a 2,473 embankment on three sides. The maximum depth of the bank from ground level is 43 feet and the expanse of water covered is in excess of 23.5 acres.

Ever since Legacy Treatment works was built in 1921, raw water from Tŷ Mawr has been brought there for treatment using mechanical filters.

The grand opening

The opening of the new reservoir meant that over 50,000 people could be supplied with water in a absolute drought of 200 days.

Ty Mawr was opened at a grand ceremony attended by the Mayor of Wrexham and other public dignitaries. The day of the official opening of Tŷ Mawr reservoir on October 2, 1907, was quite an occasion according to records stored at Packsaddle. The company keeps Momentoes, which include photographs, a menu and a page from the Wrexham Advertiser devoted to the proceedings.

After the ceremony, the boroughs Mayor unveiled plaques to mark the occasion whilst congratulating the company on having "so excellent a supply of water"

He added that he had seen the Chief Engineers often going to the reservoir "but had no idea that the works were so extensive and in such perfect order".

It has been reported that Tŷ Mawr even has its own ghost in the form of Frederick Storr, one of the engineers on the project. As yet no-one has volunteered to spend a night on the bankside, so the rumour is yet to be authenticated.