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Your Water Meter

Meter Location

The meter is usually on the service pipe between our water main pipe and your house. The meter is fitted inside a box, called a boundary box, which is usually in the pavement outside your house.You will also find the stop tap in the boundary box, just under the meter and you can open and close it by a simple quarter turn of the tap.

We are responsible for maintaining the service pipe from our water main up to the boundary box and you are responsible for the service pipe on your side of the box. For legal reasons, the meter always belongs to us and you must not disturb, tamper or interfere with it.

Reading the Meter

We will read your meter at the same time as we read other meters in your area. This may mean that your first bill could arrive soon after we have fitted your meter. Your bills will then be issued at three monthly intervals.

If we are unable to read the meter on a visit, we will estimate how much water you have used based on what you have used before. We will then make the necessary changes when we next read your meter. If you think our estimate is wrong, you can ring us with your own reading.
Or you can return the bill with your reading and we will then send you a new bill.

See figure below on how to read your meter

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