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Leak Repair

Subsidised leak repair scheme – A partnership in stopping leakage

Up to 20% of all leakage in Dee Valley Water’s area of supply is lost through supply pipe which our customers’ are normally responsible for. Supply pipe usually lead from people’s property to our stop taps or meters. In most situations, this responsibility extends from the building to the street boundary.

It is vitally important that leakage is reduced to acceptable levels in order to protect the environment and reduce energy costs. We offer a leak detection service which is free for the first two man hours for household customers and customers with mixed use premises and free for the first man hour for non-household customers. This service is available for each leak that occurs, provided we have not deemed the pipework uneconomical to repair.

We offer our customers a Leak Repair Scheme where we will repair an external leak on a supply pipe. For any other leakage such as an indoor leak or a leaking overflow pipe, you will be responsible for the repair and you will need to contact a plumber.

Subject to the following conditions we offer a subsidised leak repair for household customers and customers with mixed use premises. You will be entitled to a free repair if the cost is less that £220 and you ask us to carry out the work. These services are subject to the following conditions:-

1. If you have received a Waste Notice (LL3), you must contact us within 7 days.
2. The supply pipe must be no larger than 32mm in diameter and less that 1.5m deep.
3. Part or all of the property must be used for domestic purposes (council, housing association and private landlorded properties are not included), the property must be over 12 months old and not under any commercial redevelopment.
4. We will not offer this service if your insurance policy covers the repair of leaking underground pipes, you should claim on your insurance
5. Only the first two leaks are covered in the lifetime of the property, irrespective of how many owners there have been. We will also only make one repair in any one calendar year.
6. We will carry out the repair free of charge if the cost is estimated as being below £220 (including any associated works). If the cost is likely to be above £220 we will tell you before work commences exactly how much you will need to pay towards the Company repairing the leak. At this stage we will ask you if you wish us to continue with the work or whether you wish to appoint a private contractor. When we carry out the repair, any costs above £220 will have to be met by you.
7. We will not offer this service if we deem that a pipe is uneconomical to repair due to its poor condition.
8. We will not offer this service where the leak is under or immediately adjacent to a permanent structure or where we cannot readily identify the leak, for example on a long length of pipe.
9. The supply pipe can be traced successfully using the equipment available to us.
10. Full access to the indoor stop tap, which must be operable, must be readily available for us to use our leak detection equipment.
11. Access to the pipe should be readily available, temporary structures such as sheds, trees, shrubs, ornaments and potted plants etc must be removed and put back by you.
12. We will back-fill the excavation with the excavated material, but the final reinstatement will be your responsibility. Any hard surfaces will be finished in temporary tarmacadam.
13. If we determine that your supply pipe is in poor condition or uneconomical to repair it will be your responsibility to employ a contractor to repair or replace the pipe at your own cost.
14. We may replace up to 5 metres of supply pipe using a moling technique if excavations facilitating the moling are already open and there is no risk of damaging drains or other services whilst carrying out the moling process.
15. If any of the pipework is in someone else's property or the property boundary cannot be clearly defined, we will not carry out a repair.
16. We reserve the right not to carry out a subsidised repair if it is uneconomical to do so, due to its position or condition of the pipe.

If you do not wish to use our free or subsidised repair service or the leak does not qualify for our scheme, you will be expected to repair the leak as instructed by the Waste Letter (LL3) entirely at your cost.

Please Note: Unless we have been found to be negligent, we will not be held liable for any claims for injury to persons or damage to property (including customer's fittings) which arise as a result of our work.

We will guarantee our workmanship and repairs for twelve months, however if subsequent to the repair, leakage occurs which is attributable to the poor condition of the pipe, we will not be held accountable. If a separate leak occurs, you will be liable to pay for its repair.