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Water Efficiency

Dee Valley Water has a duty to promote the efficient use of water both by ourselves and by our customers. By conserving water all customers can help protect the environment. Every litre of water saved means that less energy is used for pumping and treating the water you need.

We discharge this duty by giving opportunistic advice to customers on their use of our product. In particular, we assist industrial, commercial and domestic customers to understand where water is used so that they can target water saving initiatives.

Customers on a metered supply can reduce their water and sewerage bills by eliminating the waste of water. The Company offers advice on how to save water and can carry out a free audit of your water consumption.


Customers on a metered supply can reduce their water and sewerage bills by eliminating the waste of water. By conserving water all customers can help protect the environment. Every litre of water saved means that less energy is used for pumping and treating the water you need.

We would always advise customers to use water sensibly and maintain essential standards of hygiene. The following hints will help customers to reduce water usage whilst saving money.

* Never allow water to run to waste.
* A normal shower uses less water and energy than taking a bath.
* Collect rainwater for use in the garden, its better for plants and its free. Use hoses sparingly and fit a trigger control.
* If you have a large cistern, an easy way to save water on flushes is to place a filled plastic bottle in the cistern to reduce the volume of water used.
* Buy water efficient appliances when replacing any item in the home which uses water.
* Always use a full load in washing machines or dishwashers.
* Act promptly to repair dripping taps or overflows.
* Ensure that any exposed pipes are lagged to prevent loss of water through bursts in cold weather. Click to see more details.

* Use this self audit form to check how your personal use compares. Remember you are likely to underestimate your consumption of water. Click to open Usage Chart.

The average weekly consumption per person in the Dee Valley Water area is 1015 Litres.

Using a hosepipe can use 1m3 (1000 litres) per hour to your water use.

If you are on a meter, test regularly for leaks by closing the indoor stop tap and checking if any use still registers. Click to see how to locate the Stop Tap

Click here to view our “step by step guide to saving water”.

The Big Tap Challenge

“This year, we are supporting the Big Tap Challenge, alongside famous athlete Kriss Akabusi - simply make a pledge to enter the prize draw for the chance to win a water-related experience, such as a spa day or white water rafting.

Three quarters of people in the UK have heard of ways to avoid wasting water and a large number already have environmentally friendly habits when it comes to how they use tap water, new research reveals. Now a new campaign, the big tap challenge, aims to reinforce positive steps we can all take to use tap water wisely at home and encourage everyone to make a pledge to do their bit.

The campaign, funded by 10 UK water businesses, is being spearheaded by famous former Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi, who stars in a short video highlighting simple ways people can use tap water wisely in and around their homes and gardens.

"It's great to find out so many people realise tap water shouldn't be wasted and to see that so many people are already taking action, but there's still a lot to do to ensure everyone gets the message and takes action," said Kriss. "For example, leaving the tap running when you clean your teeth wastes six litres of water a minute. If everyone in the UK who currently leaves the tap running when they brush their teeth turned it off instead we would avoid wasting 446 million litres of water - enough to supply 2.9 million people for one day.That's the entire population of Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Sheffield."

As we all know, recent severe weather has been causing disruption to water supplies for some people in the UK. This highlights how essential tap water is in our daily lives and how important it is for us all to help secure our future water supplies by using water wisely. Research by the big tap challenge found that whilst a quarter of people are already washing fruit and veg in a bowl, half still do it under a running tap. Part of the problem is that people aren't aware how much water can come out of their taps in a minute, with three quarters underestimating the flow (which is about 7.5 litres per minute).

"I know a lot about running but even I got this question wrong and I was amazed that a dripping tap can waste 5,000 litres of water a year," added Kriss."If everyone in the UK fixed their dripping taps we'd save enough water to supply 120,000 people for one day."

There is also plenty of scope for everyone to use water more wisely outdoors. Around a quarter of people already use a water butt and about 10% use left over washing up water on the garden, but a lot of people are still using tap water. "Something like 85,000 litres of rainwater falls on a house, garage, shed or greenhouse roof every year so there's no excuse not to collect some of it in a water butt to water your garden, clean your car or wash your windows," said Kriss. "It saves using tap water and rainwater is generally better for your plants."


The following publications have been designed by Dee Valley Water, for more information and advice of water efficiency.

Water Saving Devices


A water saving device which is placed in the toilet cistern. By simply lowering Waterman down into the toilet cistern, a minimum of 1 litre of water will be saved with every flush of the toilet.

Water Butt

Water butts are an ideal way of saving water for use in the garden. They are available at most garden centres and DIY centres.


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