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Codes of Practice

We have produced a number of Codes of Practice which set out our minimum standards and explain the responsibilities, requirements and schemes under which we operate.

Since the Water Industry Act 1991 all public water supply and sewerage services in England and Wales have been provided by private companies. We operate under a licence that has been granted by the Secretary of State for the Environment and are governed by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat).

This Code of Practice is designed to inform our domestic customers of the main services we provide, the terms and conditions on which they are offered and our commitments to our customers. It also tells you where and how to get advice and help.

We are committed to providing an ever improving standard of service to our customers. We operate a Guaranteed Standards Scheme, which sets out our minimum service standards and the levels of compensation that we will pay to our customers. Subject to certain conditions, we make automatic compensation payments for a range of issues including missed appointments, failing to respond to written complaints and billing correspondence in a timely manner, poor pressure, planned supply interruptions that over-run, failure to provide notice of planned interruptions.

We have a duty to prevent and reduce leakage and promote water efficiency. This document sets out the roles and responsibilities for leaks on customers’ pipework. Subject to certain conditions we can provide a free leak detection service and contribute towards the cost of repair. Customers may also be able to claim back money for water that has been lost through leakage.

We have a duty to prevent wastage and promote the efficient use of water by our customers (please refer to our "Guide to Water Services" detailing water efficiency and conservation enclosed with your initial bill). Leaks from customers’ pipework are their responsibility. However we can provide assistance where required.

We supply high quality water to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Water services must be paid for, but we understand that some customers may find paying bills difficult. This Code of Practice explains how we can help and the different payment methods and plans we offer. It also sets out what will happen if you do not pay and where you can get independent advice.

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 (SI 1506) exist to prevent waste, misuse, undue consumption and erroneous measurement of water. We have a statutory duty to inspect premises for compliance with these regulations.