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Welsh Water

Welsh Water is the regulated company that provides water supply and sewerage services to over three million people living and working in Wales and some adjoining areas of England. They have 1.2 million household customers and over 110,000 business customers making them the sixth largest of the 23 regulated water companies in England and Wales.

United Utilities

United Utilities is the largest operator of water and wastewater infrastructure networks in the UK and the leading provider of outsourced customer management services.Based in Warrington, Cheshire, we have operations throughout the UK and on four continents. The group was formed in 1996 from the merger of north west England's water and electricity companies - making us the UK's first multi-utility group.

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water is the world's fourth largest privately-owned water company - serving over 8 million customers across the heart of the UK, stretching from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency regulates the quality of inland and coastal waters in England and Wales. Its' responsibilities include surface and ground water management in England and Wales,environmental quality, pollution control, flood protection, land drainage, recreation and fisheries.


The Water Industry Act 1991 provides for the appointment of an independent Director General of Water Services. He considers whether the companies are carrying out their functions properly and sets maximum charges for water.

CC Water

CC Water is an independent voice ensuring that the interests of customers and potential customers are protected, not only in respect of charges, but also in respect of other matters affecting quality of service.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate

The Drinking Water Inspectorate is appointed to ensure that drinking water supplied in England and Wales is wholesome and complies with the standards laid down in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations. It inspects each company each year and audits the quality of water supplied. The DWI can prosecute if water supplied is unfit and can take enforcement action if supplies are unwholesome.