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The Water Industry Act 1991 provides for the appointment of an independent Director General of Water Services. He considers whether the 25 water companies in England and Wales are carrying out their functions properly and sets the maximum charges that the companies can make for water.

The Director Generalís primary duty is to make sure that the companies are able to carry out and finance their functions under the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA91). He sets price limits that allow each company to do this while protecting the interests of customers. These price limits are reviewed every five years as set out in companiesí licences.

The most recent review of price limits was carried out in 2004. Each water company produced a final business plan setting out its preferred strategy in April 2004. Following consultations with all the stakeholder bodies, the Director General of OFWAT assessed the business plans and in December 2004 determined the price limits for each water company for the period from April 2005 to March 2010. Brief summaries of each water companyís final business plan are available on the OFWAT website.

OFWAT also produced a report summarising the outcome of the Director Generalís review of price limits:
Future Water and Sewerage Charges 2005-10 Ė Final Determinations.

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