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About Dee Valley Water

Dee Valley Water was formed in 1997 with the merger of the former Chester Water Company and Wrexham Water Company. Both of these former companies had roots which stretched back to the middle of the nineteenth century.

Dee Valley Water is a water supply only company and does not deal with the removal of sewerage. Our area of supply covers 831 square kilometres in North East Wales and the North West of England.

We operate eight impounding reservoirs, two river abstractions and two groundwater sources to supply approximately 62 million litres per day to over 258,000 customers.

Water is treated at six treatment works and the water is supplied through a network of 1,940km of water mains, 25 pumping stations and 37 clean water storage reservoirs.

Our primary responsibility is to operate and maintain our network of assets to ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to our customers.

In common with the other 24 water companies in England and Wales, we are regulated by legal statute.

The economic regulator, OFWAT, is responsible for setting price limits that we can apply. It is also responsible for monitoring our performance and uses the data supplied to compare economic and performance levels across the industry.

The regulator responsible for drinking water quality is the Drinking Water Inspectorate which acts on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales in respect of Dee Valley Water.

The Environment Agency oversees our environmental performance, in particular it regulates the abstraction of water from our sources.

Every year each of the regulators publishes reports, which compare our performance against national standards covering water quality, levels of service and availability of resources and other parameters.