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Water Quality

Dee Valley Water is committed to supplying a wholesome water supply to its customers. Water Quality is checked from catchment to tap with samples taken 365 days a year. In 2007 out of a total of 14,456 tests carried out for National and Directive determinands, 99.94% met the relevant water quality standard.

Details of water quality tests and compliance can be found under Annual Report of Water Quality on this website. In addition the Drinking Water Inspectorate publish an independent report on water quality which can be found on their website.

In 2008 the Company supplied nearly 70 million litres each day to its customers. Direct abstraction from the River Dee accounts for approximately 80% of this water supplied with the remaining water being sourced from upland impounded reservoirs, a spring and a borehole.

Despite the Company striving to achieve the very highest standards of water quality, occasionally problems can occur that lay outside of the control of the Company. In many cases these can be resolved by the customer. Common problems are taste and odour, discoloured water and black slime. Information relating to these can be found on this website.

Other issues of interest relating to water quality that can be found on this website are water hardness, lead, fluoride, copper and tap hygiene.

Useful information can be found in a guide published by Water UK entitled ‘Looking after Water in your Home’ which can be found on their website.